Both Sessions Opening Breathwork

Hello Conscious Creator,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you on this breathwork journey.

Feel free to include others to join these Empowering Breathwork Sessions.


Please send them here and do not just give them a zoom link.

This medicine is powerful and I keep my eye on my participants.

Thank you for creating light in this world.


Topic: January 3rd Expand Session
Time: Monday, 12:00pm – 12:24pm EST Montreal

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Topic: January 22nd Transformation Session
Time: Saturday, 10:00am-11:30am EST Montreal

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Transform Session Details


Preparation Suggestion to Optimize Heart-Centered Creativity:

Take some time before the session to tune into yourself.

Take note of:

– physical tensions (or pain)

– mental looping that creates dis-ease or a negative thought pattern

– emotional needs or fear responses you are currently holding inside

– overall energy level

Answer this question for yourself, “In what way can I live my life today that will align completely with my heart”.

Write whatever comes until there is nothing else to write.

Read over your words to yourself. Then ask inside, “What beliefs, thoughts, feelings or behavior do I currently hold that stop me from living this way today?”

During your session exhale these stored understandings and breathe in the energy of your life force within this present moment. Breathe your heart’s desires into life!  

**This way of processing is merely a suggestion. The way you choose to show up to this session is completely up to you. Always honor your form of processing. This space is provided for you to do just that.**


Breathing Technique:

Breathe in through the mouth deeper and faster than normal, take in as much air as possible with each breath. Exhale through the mouth and completely relax, let go of everything.

The inhale and exhale have no pause in between them. The breath is circular and connected.

For this particular session we will focus on breathing to fill the upper chest in order to open the heart space.

Your challenge is to stay present, awake and in the breath for the duration of the entire session.

You are welcome:

– to explore various lengths, rhythms and volume of breathing as long as you keep the breath continuous.

– to breathe through your nose if the mouth breathing is too difficult.

– to breathe into the lower portion (pelvic floor), mid portion (solar plexus), or wave the breath through your body (from the pelvis to the upper chest) if that calls to you.


Set up for the Session:

-Refrain from eating a heavy meal approximately 45 minutes before. You will want your stomach to be relaxed.

-Wear loose comfortable clothing. Bras or tight pants will restrict the circulation and breathing efficiency.

-Make sure you have a space for lying comfortably (ideally without being interrupted), have a small pillow or rolled towel underneath your neck and something under your knees to create a neutral pelvis and flat back. You can use an eye mask and headphones. Have a glass of water nearby. Feel free to set up crystals, essential oils, tarot cards or any other medicine tools you use.

-Whichever device you are using it will be necessary for it to be propped up to allow me to see your torso.


Why we choose Breathwork

Healing is of the mind. All pain (symptoms) is the effort involved in clinging to a negative thought. This thought might not be conscious, it can be submerged in the subconscious. All healing involves replacing that negative thought (separation from pure joy) with love. The breathwork sessions I guide provide the tools to create this transformation into love and pure joy.

Contact me through email or cell 514-570-0756 if you have any questions or concerns.

Feel free to include others to join these Empowering Breathwork Sessions. If you registered for someone else, please send them this information. It is important I see everyone breathing, this medicine is powerful and I keep my eye on my participants. Thank you for creating light in this world.

In light and love,


Connecting mind, body and breath